Adventure Trail Website is Now Offline.

COHV is sad to inform you that the website featuring “Rascal the Raccoon” is no longer available online. However you can click the link below and Rascal will mail you a CD & matching colouring book free of charge.


Rascal would like to remind you;

  • Always wear proper protective riding gear including a helmet and goggles.
  • Never ride a machine that is too big for you.
  • ATVs are “Fun for One”, never carry passengers.
  • Always respect the rights of other trail users, yield to horses and hikers.
  • Only ride on the trail.
  • Don’t allow wheels in water, don’t disturb all of the aquatic life.
  • You are riding in the animals home, please never chase them and never feed them.
  • Make sure your ATV is not too loud. Many animals sleep during the day, so lease don’t wake them.

Click here to order the Adventure Trail book and CD.