Greenwit Technologies Inc.

Greenwit Technologies Inc.
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Since 2003, we have dedicated ourselves to introducing the public to Light Electric Vehicles (LEV).  LEVs are not only our profession but our passion and, through our Motorino brand, we manufacture, distribute and sell a wide range of electric transportation solutions.

We did not invent electric bikes, electric scooters, or electric motorcycles, and we are probably not the first Canadian company dedicated to electric driven transportation but thanks to over 15 years of experience we have become trusted leaders in the industry. At Motorino, we bring you the best products made by the best manufacturers in Asia. Working with our manufactures, customers, dealers, and franchisees we are continuously upgrading and implementing the newest technologies and highest quality components and designing new electric vehicles to meet changing consumer needs that meet the higher power and speed standards of North America and compliant with federal safety standards.

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