Concerned Citizens of Caribou Recovery

The Concerned Citizens of Caribou Recovery are a group of north eastern BC business owners who are very concerned about the provincial governments lack of transparency and meaningful consultation in regards to their implementation of Caribou Recovery plans in British Columbia.  To date, government has refused to engage in any significant way with industry,  local government, communities or back country recreationalists.  We appreciate that Caribou and all wildlife as well as our environment should be managed with great respect and care. 

To date, government has refused to meet with local communities and have cancelled numerous meetings because they do not want to share any information or consult until after a land partnership agreement has been negotiated with local first nations communities.  Our group is not opposed to the opportunity for land and wildlife management from First Nations.  We are; however, unhappy that we have been excluded from conversations that impact crown land in our region

We are currently circulating a petition that asks the following of government:

WE DEMAND that all negotiations halt immediately and  the  Provincial government negotiation teams and all government agencies:

!) Consult  openly with ALL users, stakeholders, businesses, and local government

2) Immediately begin economic and socio economic impact studies on the North East region

3) Provide base line data on populations and relevant science based studies to support closures and recovery plans.

You can find the petition at:

The Concerned Citizens of Caribou Recovery

To whom it may concern:

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