Motorcycle and ATV Sales Strong Rebound

Toronto : June 11, 2020

After a tough start, motorcycles, scooters and ATVs are suddenly hot items recognized as the prescription for  cabin fever and inexpensive travel. Motorcycles and scooters have always allowed riders to achieve physical distancing and, these days, that is a much higher consideration for many people.

Off road vehicles have led the resurgence. Some category sales were up over 100% in May versus 2019 and that have left dealers scrambling for stock. May sales have been so good that they have wiped out the decrease in sales from a horrible March and April.

The resurgence of street bikes is following hot on the heels of off-road bikes and quads. The closure of license offices and training facilities have caused a bit of a delay but sales statistics show a dramatic climb as the restrictions are eased. Physical distancing on a motorcycle continues to be one of the best experiences to escape from the stresses of the home office or just get away for a short ride to freedom.

2020 has been a reset year for most people. Although there have been many bad stories there have been a few positives. The rush of the rat race has been replaced with a calmer lifestyle. Rural kids are getting outside, getting exercise riding mini bikes and youth-sized ATVs around the farm. Moms and dads have dusted off their bikes and quads and renewed their love for the open road or forest trail.

Going forward motorcycles and scooters can offer a great alternative to the concern associated with crowded public transit. In some provinces car license holders are permitted to ride a limited speed scooter (70kmh max speed) without having to have a specific motorcycle license. Scooters and motorcycles offer the following advantages;

  • Extremely fuel efficient
  • Built in physical distancing
  • Excellent manoeuvrability eases traffic congestion
  • Ease of parking for space and cost free in some cities
  • Less expensive to purchase and operate

For more information on the resurgence of powersports in 2020 please contact David Grummett at or 416-491-4449. Download this article as a PDF.