About Side-by-Side ROVs


COHV Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Information

What is an ROV?

Fun, functional and definitely versatile, ROVs, or recreational off-highway vehicles, are a new breed of machine, attracting the attention of outdoor enthusiasts in ever-increasing numbers. When adventure calls, ROVs have what it takes, whether it’s transporting gear to a favourite campsite or simply exploring the great outdoors. Intended primarily for recreational use, ROVs have also have carved a niche in the workplace, including farming, construction, and just about anywhere that there’s a job to be done.

Sometimes referred to as side-by-sides or UTVs, ROVs are motorized off-road vehicles designed to travel on four or more non-highway tires, with a steering wheel, non-straddle seating, seat belts, an occupant protective structure, and engine displacement up to 1,000cc. Current models are designed with seats for a driver and one or more passengers. ROVs’ performance and durability make them ideally suited for a variety of outdoor recreational activities as well as many work applications.